We're BirdDog,
your full‑service
marketing  superheroes.

Whether you're launching a global campaign, refreshing a retail space, or simply breathing life into your social media presence, we can deliver exactly what you need, right when you need  it.

We don’t just do it all, we make your job easier by doing it  better.

Concept Development

Fresh ideas rooted in your brand’s authentic voice, customer expectations, and business goals are what we do best. We love collaborating with our clients, and we leverage our years of practical experience when creating the visuals, messaging, and marketing tactics that ensure powerful results.

Digital Design

Being accessible on all platforms while standing out from the crowd is critical to a successful brand experience. That’s why we craft visually compelling, responsive designs to showcase your products through dynamic landing pages, PDPs, rich media banners, emails, and much  more.

Animation and Video

It can often be critical to bring your products and messaging to life through dynamic, well-crafted animation and video. We can provide content in all formats from rich HTML5 and GIFs, to fully-produced videos complete with comprehensive toolkits for downstream publishers, retailers, and partners.

Social Content

We get the importance of social media and it's impact on the success or failure of any given marketing campaign. With our thorough understanding of this space, we can seamlessly—and effectively—integrate new content into your existing social media presence to help drive engagement.

3D Rendering

We can bring just about any idea to life through our years of 3D modelling experience and know-how. We can tackle technical engineering drawings and concepts, generate bespoke static renders, and create immersive fly-through animations—all with the same creativity and eye for detail that our clients have come to expect through years of reliable service.

Visual Merchandising

Even as the world of retail (and in general) becomes a more digitally-focused experience, the challenge of creating attractive and immersive in-store environments is as relevant as ever. Our team of skilled designers create dynamic and innovative solutions for brick-and-mortar retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, as well as worldwide events and conferences.


Having a well-designed, dynamic presentation can mean the difference between a successful meeting and a missed opportunity. When it comes to PowerPoint, our depth of knowledge of its features—new and old—can make your presentations come to life. With our help not only can you steal the show, but close the deal  too.

Production & Logistics

Our full-service marketing capabilities extend to the production and logistics side as well. We can handle the printing of 2D and 3D pieces, plus the engineering and finishing of permanent and semi-permanent displays for retail and commercial needs. We also warehouse and ship domestically and internationally.

Work we've done for Microsoft

We're agile

There’s no such thing as “final” anymore. Goals change. Schedules change. Deliverables change. We get it. For us moving fast isn’t enough, we need to think fast and understand faster so we can deliver exactly what you need, right when you need  it.

We're versatile

Global marketing comes in all shapes and sizes. Print and digital. In-person and virtual. Consumer and B2B. With 15 yrs. of experience delivering excellence for our global clients, we don’t just do it all, we make your job easier by doing it  better.

We're innovative

It’s been said that creativity is thinking up new things and innovation is doing them. Consider us your partner in the doing of new things. We transform your ideas into practical solutions that give you a competitive advantage and successful outcomes.

If you need creative excellence and production ease... That’s  our  thing.